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Our salon is dedicated to service and value. All of our licensed specialists sincerely enjoy what we do and it is reflected in the loyalty of our clients. We promise individual attention and great value for all of our customers. At Marquiz, we believe in the individuality of our guests. We customize our cuts and color to achieve the perfect look for your features and lifestyle. Our stylist will direct you on how to maintain your style on a day to day basis. We thrive on continuous education to keep up with ongoing trends, to stay motivated, and to motivate our clients.

Our Services

A Heavenly Body Polish

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone

Emerges Stress Free

This Hydration Facial infuses the rejuvenating effects of Chinese Herbs and warm soothing paraffin to nourish your skin. Mild Alpha Hydroxy acids tighten your pores. The result is a firm, smooth and supple complexion. This treatment can be combined with other treatments

For Energy and Vitality

An invigorating treatment using Norwegian Arctic Algae seaweed to revive circulation, replace lost minerals and detoxify. Micro-nutrients and essential oils work together to eradicate water retention and break up fatty deposits. An Arctic Algae mask is applied to your freshly cleansed face. After Algae is rinsed off by our vichy-shower, an emollient cream is applied to refresh your body.

Your Tensions Melt Away

Rejuvenate your spirit as you relax to in organic based treatment. Therapeutic mud from Germany, energizing plants, and restorative clay are used to pull out impurities and deposit minerals to the skin. As you bask in a thermal wrapping under an infrared light, a mud masque is applied to your face. After a warm rain shower your nourished, toned, and softened skin is ready for a final massage with emollient cream.

Drift into a state of deep relaxation as this blend of selected aromatic body oils and plant extracts are designed to stimulate, exfoliate, and moisturize your body. This is gently massaged from neck to toe to soften skin. Sleep if you like while your body is inside a solar blanket. An atmosphere filled with mood enhancing essences will encompass you. Awaken totally relaxed, DE-stressed, and soothed.

Are you concerned with your figure or spongy tissue? This body shaping treatment is the answer. After your body is exfoliated, a body shaping gel is applied. A seaweed body masque rich in micronutrients helps break up fatty deposits and increase microcirculation and elasticity. This treatment regenerates the skin helping the body’s natural ability to look firm and smooth. For best results, this wrap should be done in a series of six to eight treatments applied twice a week. Great with an exercise program.

An exhilarating custom blended treatment combining various liquids, essential oils, plants and therapeutic methods massaged onto your scalp. You’ll slip into a tranquil state as therapeutic properties nourish scalp and hair. A cleansing spa shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair and scalp energized, super clean, and healthy. Can be done alone or combined with any other service.


All natural cosmeceutical spray-on tanning application, dry and complete in minutes.

To maintain a smooth, clear back, this facial begins with a deep cleansing enzyme therapy under steam. Next your back, shoulders, and upper arms are relaxed with an Oriental acupressure massage. To finish, a detoxifying customized masque is followed by an oil-free hydrating moisturizer.

Does your skin need a boost? An intensive anti-aging treatment replenishes the deepest layers of your skin with vitamins A, C, D, and E in a hydrating gel to promote circulation. Collagen-building nutrients are used for deep hydration. Skin looks firmer, more resilient, radiant, and youthful.

30 minute maintenance mini Citrus Fruit Facial.


Cell reproduction is depleted as skin matures. Fewer new cells replace old ones resulting in lines and a rough complexion. Fruit Essential Acids slough off dead skin cells allowing fresh new plumped cells. Your skin will instantly begin to be restored to a smooth and firm texure and diminish surface wrinkles.

This customized treatment which deep cleans the skin is designed to ease shaving and keep skin healthy looking. Relax as you experience a stress relieving massage of face, neck, and shoulders.

We use a combination of pure plant extracts to cleanse and exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. A cooling, soothing mint mask is applied to revitalize color, and tone and smooth the skin. Pressure point massage is applied with penetrating oils to release toxins from the skin. You will enjoy a customized Bio-elements moisture application leaving you fresh and energized.

A deep exfoliating treatment designed to slough dead skin cells. Reflexology is incorporated for over-worked, stressed hands and feet.

A regenerative treatment to exfoliate rough surface cells using Chinese Herbs and aroma oils to improve circulation. Deep penetration is achieved in a heated wrap which results in smooth, soft skin.

A hydrating and moisturizing treatment. Can be added to any service.

A decongesting treatment designed to soothe and eliminate toxins and oxygenate the skin. The cooling, tingling sensation of mint is also purifying.

French Manicure and Pedicure is a Marquiz treatment with special polish for a French finish.

Ocean crystal salts with aroma oils sweep away dead cells leaving skin soft, toned, and glowing.

Custom blended aromatic oils stimulate and gently

Let tensions of daily activities float away as hands and feet are basked in a pool of creams and oils to stimulate and hydrate. We offer an array of hand and foot treatments for healing, restoring, revitalizing, and safeguarding.

Alleviate stress and tension with hand and foot massage. We use penetrating manipulations on pressure points which helps nature normalize over and under active organs and glands, thereby promoting heath and well being.



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